But Who Bleached His Hair? Famous Man And His Fashion: Shakira’s Barcelona Football Player, GerardPique Is Not Picky,Picky When It Comes To Fashion!

October 3, 2011


colombia news - gerard pique

Shakira’s boyfriend, Spanish soccer player Gerard Pique, confesses to FHM magazine that although he may wear the pants in their relationship, she’s the mastermind behind picking them out, and putting them on.

Besides being a permanent fixture on the field, Pique has proven to be a professional in the fashion world as well. He defines his style as being “modern and elegant.” Gerard currently poses as a model for brands such as Mango and Nike, although he insists that his fashion passion is merely a “hobby.”

“Because I love fashion I sometimes like to dress well and try on new clothes,” he explains, but “soccer comes first, I like being focused and being a model is in the background.”

Despite his own flare and soccer-sculpted physique, Pique recognizes that there is always someone to help you always be perfect, and for him that someone is Shakira.

“I believe that all men are guided by our partners, right? Women have always had more style than men or at least have understood clothing better,” says the handsome defender.

Whether it’s wearing it well, his talent with the ball, or his Spanish seduction skills, it appears that Shakira is in love with the man. The two can’t seem to get enough of one another and are often caught expressing public displays of affection, earning the couple the award for having the most nauseating Spanish celebrity relationship.

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