StyleQueen101’s Festival ‘Rave’ Crush: He’s Sweeter Than American Hersheys & “Reece’s Pieces” Chocolate!! I Present To You..

July 5, 2011

Wireless Festival Was So Much Fun This Weekend That Past, And Yours Truly, StyleQueen 101’s Blogger, Faith(For Those Of You Who Have Always Wondered What My Name Is) Was In Search For One Great Live Act. Perhaps Even A Fresh New Act That I Hadn’t Thought Of Before…..

…Yes He Raps-But Wait, Its Not In Your Face Kind Of Rap, Its The Way He Does It, Man! My Favourite followers who read my fashion/music/lifestyle blog weekly would know I love to write a few rhymes to encapsulate what I want to adress-in a few words, so its only fair I do the same about him:

“Reece-You Ain’t The Bees Knees, Ur The King For All Queen’s,

For Those Of You Who Aint Seen; How This Brother Raps So Mean,

Just Get On The Youtube, Or His Facebook, It Will Be Off The Hook,

Reece You Know You’ve Got The Look-In Those Nude Jeans!”

Don’t Clap For Me…I’m Just A Big Fan X x Reece, I Hope The Stars Have Written Something For You In The Sky….


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