‘Famous’ Boyfriend Friday: Shia LaBeouf Is A Great ‘Transformer’ Who Came From Geek Chic Dramas Like ‘Malcolm In the Middle’ To Bad-Ass Super Hero Roles!

June 30, 2011

Brave face: Shia with his current girlfriend, Karolyn Pho in New York City today
Why I Love Shia….He Dresses For Himself(&Has Quite A Matured Grooming Bear Going On For Such A Young Actor-But It Works), Keeps A Low-Profile And Most Of All, Despite His Rocking Status, He Is Sooo Down To Earth And Funny. Check Out More Of His Interview In Details Mag, After The Cut;) Hope You Agree Guys!
On getting in trouble with the law (quote made prior to DUI)

“I don’t ever remember getting arrested sober. I was always arrested
drunk,” he says. “It’s when I’m drinking that I don’t have the
wherewithal to be able to realize the position of my life. There’s too
much at stake for me to throw it away. I enjoy what I’m able to give my
family. I enjoy the people that I’m able to wake up and work with. And
I don’t want to throw away what I’ve worked so hard for 12 years to
achieve, based on an argument that takes place in 20 minutes.”

On growing up poor:

“None of my friends were ever as broke as I was,” he says. “That’s not
some dramatic spinning of a tale-my uncle was going to adopt me at one
point because my parents couldn’t afford to have me anymore. They had
too much pride to go on welfare or food stamps.”

On the paparazzi:

“You know where they’re going to be,” he says. “Once they’re at your
house and you know they’re following you, you have the choice: Should I
run or should I take them to the car wash and create the image of the
normal guy?”

On conforming:

“When I was 16,” he says, “I looked at my life and said, ‘Really?
You’re a rapper/Disney Channel actor?’ Akon has more street cred, you
know? I used to wear baggy pants all the time, but these skinny
jeans”-he grabs the fabric-“make it as though I can be whatever the
f*&k I want to be today. There’s things you have to give up, even
though you may feel comfortable. You get rid of your velour suits and
your Lugz boots, and you start transitioning.”

On never missing a day at work:

“I mean, look, you get arrested, it’s out of control. There’s nothing
‘in control’ about the situation,” he says. “It’s not as though things
happen to me and I don’t say, never again. I can
never say never, because of where I’m at in my life and the vices that
I’ve let go of,” he says. “But even when I was drinking, I never missed
call times, ever.”

On ladies:

“I’m enjoying myself,” he says. “But I’m not great with women, dude.
I’m not a closer. I can chat all night long, but I’m not the guy who
goes, ‘Okay, back to my room.’ I’ve never been that way-it’s not my
presence, I just can’t do it. But it’s not been a priority of mine for
a while. That aspect of my life is always going to be there. This”-his
self-described “meteoric rise”-“is not always going to be here.”

There’s alot more. Click on the continue reading link below to see the rest of Shia’s quotes.

On why he got into acting:

“I never chose to do this because there was meaning in it or I was
talented or gave a shit about acting,” LaBeouf says. “I got into this
because I was broke.”

On the inevitable in Hollywood:

“There’s a form of selling out,” LaBeouf says. “It’s necessary. You
have to become edible for people in Texas. You have to become edible
for the Christian right, for mass audiences.”

On the open approach his family took to drugs:

“It’s just my family was raised differently,” he says. “It was never
‘Drugs!’ It was never like that for my family, which helped me because
I never had a curiosity, it was never closed off. It was always out in
the open and it was always explained to me. I’m so grateful for that.
It’s why I never tried anything beyond marijuana or drinking. I mean, I
know that I personally can’t do any of it. And so I don’t.”

In Hollywood, honesty isn’t always the best policy but Transformers star Shia LaBeouf lives by it. Known for his sharp tongue and brutal honesty, Shia opens up to Details magazine about being an asshole in Hollywood, whether with his tongue or his fist. If you caught Live with Regis & Kelly this morning, you may have seen his co-star for the third installment Rosie Huntington-Whitely speak candidly about his honesty and how it made her second guess doing the film unsure if she was ready.

Spread between smoldering pictures by Matthias Vriens-McGrath, Shia talks about his lady lovers past, his films and of course, his ability to continually find himself in hot water. If you recall last winter, Shia found himself in handcuffs after a little scuffle at bar in LA. He’s also had some altercations with paparazzi too. He states that he may not always be kind, warm and fuzzy, but at least he’s honest. There is one Hollywood leading man who would like to aspire to be. Who is that you ask? None other than George Clooney.

“I would like to be George Clooney– diplomatic. I just don’t have the wherewithal yet or the inner serenity. My bullsh*t meter is tuned very sensitive. The minute it starts kicking up, I get back to truth, and sometimes that involves, you know, ‘I don’t want to take a picture.’ And if that’s the case, am I an a**hole for being honest? Or am I an a**hole for being dishonest, smiling in your picture and I f**king hate being there? Which one is worse? These are the questions I ask myself that George Clooney doesn’t ask.”

One question that Shia seems very cryptic in answering is his past rumored romance with co-star Megan Fox. While never really answering the question he states:

“Look, you’re on the set for six months, with someone who’s rooting to be attracted to you, and you’re rooting to be attracted to them. I never understood the separation of work and life in that situation. But the time I spent with Megan was our own thing, and I think you can see the chemistry onscreen.”

And what about her strange relationship with husband, Brian Austin Green? Well that he sums up into about twelve versions of “I don’t know”, finishing with “it was what it was”. For Shia’s full interview and photo spread, go to:http://www.details.com/celebrities-entertainment/cover-stars/201108/shia-labeouf-actor-transformers-indiana-jones-wall-street


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