Entertainment Launch: SQ One-2-One Reviews: ‘Wacky Wednesdays’, Coz Sometimes-Gurlz Fashion Is Such A Haze! The BIKINI Special!

June 29, 2011

Right, Where Does One Begin?

To Begin With, This Video Proves A Point That Would Not Mean Much On Paper. Don’t Forget To ACCESSORIZE Ladies, Bling It Up To Look Like A Million Dollars/Pounds/Naira/Pesetas!

  1. Bikini Season Is Obviously Upon Us Now, So What Words Of Style Wisdom Can I Offer You? TRY As Many As You Can See In The Shop-Just Because It Looks Good, Doesn’t Mean It Will Sit Well On Your Shape
  2. Have Fun-The Pattern And Colours Can Bring Out The Confidence In You!
  3. Don’t Buy It In A Smaller Size Hoping That You Will Be Able To Fit Into It By Your Holiday:( It Will Only End With Tears
  4. Gaze At The Best Site For Bikinis:





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