Kim Kardashian Is Covergirl ExtraOrdinaire For ‘Cosmopolitan’ Australia July 2011′ Saying ‘She Loves Her Derrière(Bum)!

June 5, 2011

Proud: Kim Kardashian says she is proud of her world famous bottom and denied that it is cosmetically enhanced in a recent interview with Australian's Cosmopolitan magazine

She said reports she has had ‘butt implants’ are ‘ridiculous‘.

‘I’m proud of my booty and it’s all mine. I have not had cosmetic surgery’ she said.

Kim has admitted in the past that she has had Botox, and once again she reiterated that it is the only cosmetic procedure she has endured.

‘I tried Botox once, but I have not had my nose done or anything done to my butt,’ she said.

‘No injections I’m very happy with the way I am.’

Kim dazzles on the front cover of the fashion magazine in a sequinned multi-coloured mini-dress, which shows off her gravity defying cleavage and ample curves.


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