Showbiz Launch: SQ101 ‘Hot’ Latino&Latina News Round Up From The World! J-Lo Takes Talent Show Idol On The Road To Latin Community, Women Demonstrations Have Reached Brazil&Nadal, Thanks All-Even The French Public Who Wanted To See Him Fall!

June 5, 2011

She Made A Promise Earlier In The Year, And It Has Now Been Confirmed That Jennifer Lopez Will Be Holding Auditions For Latin Version Of ‘American Idol’ In South American Countries, Starting With Brazil, 10th JulyMarcha das Vagabundas

Yesss, The Revolution That Started In Canada, Slutwalk Has Hit Brazilian Streets, Here Brandished By Girls With Apples-Who Won’t Be Put Down By ‘Pigs’. 

In Portugese: durante o ato conhecido como ‘SlutWalk’, a primeira ‘Marcha das Vagabundas na tarde desta sábado (4), na região central da capital paulista. O movimento se inspira na ‘SlutWalk’ que aconteceu em abril em Toronto, no Canadá, quando alunas de uma universidade resolveram protestar depois que um policial sugeriu que as estudantes do sexo feminino deveriam evitar se vestir como ‘vagabundas’ para não serem vítimas de abuso sexualMarcha das Vagabundas

Marcha das Vagabundas

Roland Garros – Rafa makes peace with the public in French


The final was no exception to the rest of the tournament. The treatment of Rafa Nadal at Roland Garros public remained the same. Kudos to her unforced errors and encouragement to their rival. At the end of the match, the Spaniard was nevertheless Lord and thanked the public, and French support.

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The age of the main court of Roland Garros, had no hesitation in openly supporting Federer in the final, cheering her unforced errors and even booing a legal point that got the world number one and claimed the chair umpire.

It is not new, as in the past, notably in the 2008 final where Rafa won in a very comfortable to Federer , the public at no time did not hide his preference for the Swiss. At the end of the game, although many expected another reaction, Rafa was a gentleman. Merci a tout le public, “said in French thanking the audience reaction.<!– yeusp-videodata: { "vid" => "25446589", "desc" => "Speach Nadal“, “topicid” => “9”, “eventid” => “34660” } –>

Moya praised for it

Carlos Moya, also a winner at Roland Garros, Nadal praised the reaction after winning his sixth title in Paris. He did so through his profile on Twitter @ CharlyMoya: “I admire Nadal many things, but most of the q most is that he still wanted to thank the public.”

The former player had already questioned the behavior of the French public in the quarter-final between Rafa and Soderling: “I do not know why the public is against Nadal in Paris. I thought that when Federer win Roland Garros this would end, but is not so. “

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