Series 1: Good Colour-Popping Starts With…Great Clothing Campaigns!!

June 4, 2011

So, I Will Start With Showing You Well Put Together Looks Before, In The Future, Showing You The Must have Pieces For Summer 2011. I Have Chosen Two British Campaigns (Due To The Fact That They Have Spent Thousands On These campagn’s Too make Sure That They Will be Noticed by Consumers)! Now What Do You Think? Does It Make You Want To Experiment More? First Up ‘JD’ For Boys And Then ‘New Look’ For Girls!

JD Is A Sports Brand That Sells Tee’s To Trainers…

5 and 6

Over At New Look, They Have Enlisted Real Girls For Model’s To Give You A Realistic View Of How You Can Look Your Best Wilst Spending Less(Or At Least IThink So)!

9 and 10

And With The Clothes, They Offer Style Notes And It Basically Talks About, The More Bolder Look You Take, The More Confident It Makes You Look!


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