Viva La Diva: Crazy News Of The Week: Now That’s A W(rap), Literally, As Naomie Campbell Finds Being Compared To A Chocolate Bar Racist-Wonder What Colour She Is Really??!

May 30, 2011

FYI: I Have Read A Lot Of Newspapers And Documentaries, And Most Supermodels(Who Were Shaken By Her Presence At Working With Her) From The 90’s Would Put This On A Frame-I Mean-At Least Naomie, You Wouldn’t Know The Truth Even If It Hit You In The Face!!My Bad:p Anyways The Article Reads:

The ad for Dairy Milk Bliss appeared in national newspapers last week and features the line ‘Move over Naomi, there’s a new diva in town’.

Campbell said of the ad: “I am shocked. It’s upsetting to be described as chocolate, not just for me but for all black women and black people. I do not find any humour in this. It is insulting and hurtful.”

Black rights group Operation Black Vote has since called for a boycott of Kraft products and appealed for Cadbury to apologise.

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