Boyfriend Friday Flash The Cash Rider: Kanye West Stunts Around Cannes In $1.7 Million Dollar Mercedes McLaren SLR

May 20, 2011

Nice wheels: Kanye West and a friend made their way to the annual amfAR dinner and auction today in a Mercedes concept car worth over $1.7m

Cruise control: Kanye and his friend drew in many admiring looks as they made their way through the Cannes streets in the luxury sports carBehind the wheel: Kanye's $1.7m sports car can reach speeds of up to 217mph, but there was little opportunity for the singer to trial any such speeds today as he stuck to the 25mph Cannes speed limitRuling the road: Kanye makes every effort to arrive in style as he drives the sought after sport scar to Elton John's charity benefit in honor of the late Elizabeth Taylor

More Room For ‘Two’?

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