Boyfriend Friday Special: It’s Prince William’s Day Of Course, So StyleQueen101 Is Celebrating All Things Quintessentially British & Wills!

April 28, 2011

1. Prince Williams Style Is Simple, And Brands Like Tommy Hilfiger, Armani Or Roberto CavalliIs Not His Preferred Choice. Instead, Here Is Two Of The Shops That He Would Be More Likely To Get His Leisurely&Sports Clothes From:

Aubin&Wills-Newly Opened This Year, Easy Going Yet Pricey Fashion

Jack Wills-University Students Favourite Choice, But Also For Polo Sport Players, Like The Prince Himself

2. A Huntsman Needs Good Clothes And As An Outdoorsey Good Chum, Prince William Would Probably Prefer This One:

-You Want Me To Prove It? Look Below Then!

Photo of Prince William in air force uniform 

 3. Finally, Like All Great Service Men In The Navy, Marine And Air Force, He Will Be Putting On His Best Military Suit On His Wedding Day! Here’s Looking At You Big William. Hope I Have Done Your Style Profile Justice!

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