What You’ve All Been Waiting For: Snapshots Of Suri Cruz (Loving The Shades, Babe) Sitting Down To Open Her 5th Birtday Present!

April 20, 2011

Suri Cruise Celebrates Fifth Birthday In Bevery Hills(Can You See How Suri Cruz Even Puts Her Baby Doll On Potty Training)?Newest Reports On: The fabulous life of Suri Cruise!

The mini fashionista celebrated her 5th birthday with a lavish tea party alongside her parents – movie stars Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes – at their Beverly Hills Mansion on Sunday (April 17). Wearing a pink dress and turquoise shades, Suri – famous for her fashionable duds, heels and makeup – sat at the head of the table, surrounded by siblings Bella, 18, and Connor, 16, and other guests.

Mama Katie talked about the party plans a few weeks ago. “This is my favorite day of the year,” the Dawson’s Creek alum said. “So we’re gonna have a little tea party, and I like to girl it up. “Rumor has it that Tom splurged – big time – on his little girl. “Tom decided to add $5 million — in honor of her milestone birthday — to Suri’s trust fund,” a family insider said. “She already has several million in the fund.”I Guess The Saying Goes That Once A Little Princess, Always Remains A Little Princess! More Pics If You Love A Bird’s Eye View Of This BDay Do!


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