Lady Gaga Does Blasphemy With Single Judas(He Was The Whistleblower That Led Jesus To His Death); Its Holy Week In Spain, Even Catholic Antonio Banderas Who’s Currently Visiting There Wouldn’t Be Impressed!

April 19, 2011


Cover star: The singer posed provocatively on the cover of NME

I Know That The More Obnoxious, The More The Magazine Is Going To Sell. But Has Gaga Gone Too Far This Time?In a foul-mouthed tirade, in NME Magazine, Gaga ranted: ‘Let me tell you something. If you f****** rip my hairbow and my wig off my f****** head, my shoes, my bra, every single thing on my body, and you throw me on a piano with a microphone, I will f****** make you cry.”I feel I have been probed endlessly about who the f*** I am. I have been quite open’
NME said: This has been Gaga’s most aggressive interview ever!
Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, along with their daughter Stella (b. September 24, 1996) and Banderas' mother Ana, attend the festivities for Holy Week.See More Pics After The Cut

Born this way: Lady Gaga showed off her birthday suit in a seethrough bodystocking for the NME shoot


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