These Men Make Me Go Co-co Bella(Crazy Chick): Coachella Men’s Fashion& Style Spotting8)!

April 17, 2011

                     Purp-A-Licious Usher Says: Come And Let’s Hug A Tree!Here come the boys: Usher and, slightly randomly, Clint Eastwood were among the male celebrities in attendance

                                             Green Jacket Camouflaged Joe Jonas Says: I’m So Fly-I’m The American Eagle, Ok!

                     Jack Osbourne Says: I Left My Friends In Milwaukee, That’s Why I’m Carrying This Walkie-Talkie!                        That Guy Behind Robert Downey Junior Is Thinking: Please Bird Poo-Drop Down On This Preppy Looking Guy Couldn’t You?!Here come the boys: Usher and, slightly randomly, Clint Eastwood were among the male celebrities in attendanceLooking Very Mellow Indeed, Mr Clint Eastwood Kept It Nice With A Yellow Linen Shirt                         Penn Badgley: Question From Me StyleQueen, ‘Could I Like Bite Those Nipples Of Yours-I Need To Badly’!

Laidback style: Gossip Girl actor Penn Badgley and former Lost actor Dominic Monaghan enjoyed the weatherThat’s Better!

Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson: Coachella Couple Outing!                                                                    And Here, Joshua Jackson And His Friend Could Be Forgiven To Be Looking Like He Is On Holiday, Somewhere In Hawaii, That Straw Hat Just Scream’s ‘Gone Fishing'<><!!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Coachella with Lukas Haas! Leo-Looking Cool In Blue…Closing the show: Kanye West closed the music festival with a stunning performance of some of his biggest hits              That’s Designer Swagger Right There, At First, It Might Look As Ugly As Hell, But Its The Cut And Print That Stands Out Which Makes You Think Of A Ladies Scarve…No One Can Copy This X


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