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April 5, 2011

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Anna Wintour, Editor in Chief of Vogue magazine, is profiled in a compelling cover story for the latest issue of the Wall Street Journal Magazine. The article, entitled ‘The Business of Being Anna‘, examines the infamous editrix, and the social finesse with which she has been able to broker a great number of high powered deals. From helping to secure financial backing for designers like Marc Jacobs, John Galliano, and Michael Kors, to bolstering the careers of burgeoning young talent like Proenza Schouler through the CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund – Anna Wintour continues to leave an indelible imprint on the fashion world.

The article also examines her innate knack for aligning herself with power players from the worlds of business and politics, to Hollywood, music and sports – and says that her “web of influential friends and allies has helped turn her into a global brand that transcends fashion”. Her diverse social circle includes Harvey Weinstein, Roger Federer, Marc Jacobs, and Justin Timberlake – to name a few.

I’ve admired Anna for a great number of years, and have been a loyal Vogue reader for more than half of my life. Over the years, she has gained the reputation of being cold and difficult, and well, even as being the devil. Irrespective of how much of The Devil Wears Prada was based on actual experience, when I read the book, I thought that her former assistant, Lauren Weisberger came off as spoiled and silly. To work for Anna Wintour (in any capacity) would be a completely invaluable experience. End of story.

“Many people think they already know Anna Wintour. She’s the perfectly coiffed monstre sacré of the fashion world. She has been saddled over the years with various nicknames, many turning on some form of the word ‘cold.’ She does not go out of her way to dispel them. You can see it in the 2009 documentary ‘The September Issue,’ as Wintour impassively allows Grace Coddington, the Vogue creative director with her heart on her sleeve, to hijack the audience’s affection. ‘Anna doesn’t play against anyone’s expectations of her,’ a former colleague says.”

“Instead, Wintour has an arid sense of humor about her reputation. At a screening of ‘The Devil Wears Prada,’ based on a roman à clef by a former Wintour assistant, she wore Prada. During a trip to China last fall, she was asked during a press conference whether she was really like that. ‘It’s true, of course, that I beat all my assistants, lock them in a cupboard and don’t pay them,’ she deadpanned. ‘She’s got an eye-rolling way of laughing at the circus, even while she takes it deadly seriously,’ says Baz Luhrmann. Wintour herself puts it more simply: ‘I care deeply about my friends and my family and they know it, but work is work.’”

In recent years, rumors have swirled that after more than twenty years at the helm, Anna would be replaced by someone with a younger, fresher perspective. Carine Roitfeld, the former editor of French Vogue, was consistently named as a top contender for the job. However, Wintour’s boss S.I. Newhouse has repeatedly praised Anna, squashing the rumors.

In a move that surprised many, Roitfeld, mired in controversy, resigned from French Vogue in December. “Inside French Vogue, the idea that Roitfeld threatened Wintour was never taken seriously. ‘It was all bulls—,’ says one French Vogue executive. ‘The only thing Roitfeld cared about was creativity, and Wintour is about business. Wintour gives the ‘la’ to all the other editors’—a French expression rooted in the way orchestras tune their instruments that means she both sets the tone and serves as inspiration.”

I love that saying – gives the la. Indeed, Anna Wintour gives us all the la!


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