Boyfriend-Fridays:(My Style Tip Of The Day-If It Ain’t Bespoke, Then Don’t Buy Into The PR Hoax)! Just In Time For Aprils Fools Day!If You Do Buy Any Of Them, Orange 4 From Ralph Lauren and The White One From Lacoste Is Selling Superfast&Guys Like Them The Best-I’ve Even Smellt Them!

April 1, 2011

  “A new generation of young, hip men has discovered the iconic appeal of the Polo Player. They have defined their style by wearing Big Pony shirts: colorful bold Polo shirts with an oversized version of Ralph Lauren’s signature

Enough Said-The ‘Big Pony Club’ Entitled Fragrance Says It All-Are They Talking About Ego’s Or Something?

 Polo Player logoEau de Lacoste L.12.12 – Coming Soon

Lacoste will be launching in April an exciting new series of fragrances, the Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 collection.
Inspired by René Lacoste’s original 1927 Lacoste L.12.12 Polo shirt, the collection is said to evoke the spirit of the shirt, being “unforgettably cool, crisp, elegant and audaciously stylish.”
The bottles themselves fit in with this crisp and elegant style, with a simple, sleek design finished with an embroidered fabric logo on the side. 
There are three fragrances in total, with each fragrance reflecting a different mood: classic and pure, masculine and powerful, and relaxed and natural.
The fragrances are:
Clean, elegant and simple, Blanc contains notes of cool and fresh grapefruit, spicy cardamom and rosemary, and Mexican tuberose. Blanc Edition is a pure and clean masculine floral, with a woody base.
Bleu is a masculine and powerful fragrance. Fresh and aquatic with a twist, Bleu includes notes of peppermint, watery-fern, pink grapefruit, sage and oak moss. 
Vert is a relaxed and natural scent, evoking a fresh, outdoor scent. Notes include Italian bergamot, iced melon, birch leaf and sandalwood. 
Hmm?..Anyone For Zambooka(alcohol-mediterranean drink liked by guys)!

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