The Awesome Olsen’s; $1 Billion Dollars Fashion Emporium And Counting…’5 Main Reason’s Why I Know That The Fashion Force Is With The Twin’s Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen Until Ever After!

March 30, 2011

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen

1. They Favour To Look Granny-Chic, Which In Fashion Terms Would Gain Them Buyers Of All Ages With Loads Of Cash

2. They Know How To Protect Their Brand: You Never Rarely See Them At Every Celebrity Launch Do You?

3. They Focus On Quality And Very-Hard To Find Textiles Like Leather&Cashmere Wool That Can Only Be Found From Sheep Who Are Reared In High Altitude Mountains

4. They Know That A Family Who Plays Together-Stays Together And Is Very Supportive Of Their Up And Coming Little Sis, Elizabeth Olsen, Beginner Actor, Going Far..

5. There Is Usually A Saying That Goes-‘Two Heads Are Better Than One’ Right? And Did I Mention That They Were Twins?;)


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