Don’t Rate My Poor French Please: La Vie Est Si Jolie…Spotted! Rihanna Does ‘Le Shopping’ Down Under! And Have You Ever Wondered What Her Favourite Tattoo is(Watch The Video)Plus-Catch Up On Why Blake Lively, Miranda Kerr, Kanye West And Lady Gaga Is In ‘Paradis’ When It Comes To Paris!

March 3, 2011

Oh La La, Reeh-anna!  Seen Doing A Bit Of Lingerie Shoppping Whilst In Australia, Had A Simple Black Shirt Dress Look.C’était vraiment off the hook! Maybe She Needed To Try Them On Quickly, So Opted For This Look?! Moi-Cheeky;)Shopping spree: Rihanna headed out to Pitt St Mall in Sydney during her day off from her Australian Tour Shopping spree: Rihanna headed out to Pitt St Mall in Sydney during her day off from her Australian Tour Lingerie store: Rihanna slipped into a sexy underwear store on her shopping trip, followed by rushing into a Christian Louboutin boutique
Although Chanel’s ‘Belle’, Muse Blake Couldn’t Make It To The Chanel Shows, The Brand Decided To Host Her A Dinner In New York-How Very Lively, Non? Et plus, Ses Louboutins est jusqu’à pointe cette prima Ballerina et Papillion de Gossip Girl!

The Bag That She Is Clutching To Her Hand Is The Iconic Bag That She Will Be  The Face Of In The ‘Mademoiselle Chanel’ Bag Series. The Ad Campaigns Will Be Out Next Month In April. Prices Start From $2000(approx £1633)!BlakeLively_Mademoiselle.jpg

En Continuation, Miranda Kerr, only two months from her birth, shows that she show must go on, as she walks the catwalk for Balenciaga. Even Her Hubby Orlando Bloom was there to cheer her on. Bisous à Anna Wintour X

Balenciaga A
Trying to start a new trend? Perhaps Kanye hopes to inspire other men to wear parachute pants      Kanye West Is The King Of ‘Ahem’…Harem Pants? Il Veut Etre Tres Chic, But This Is A  Bit Chic/Geek, Don’t You Think?
Et Finalement, c’est seulement notre dame extraordinaire gaga-Lady Gaga!! She is the toast of town after appearing in Thierry Mugler’s Catwalk Show. Gaze&Be Amazed Is My Only Words! Au Revoir X x

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