StyleQueen 101 Recommends: A Spring Lip Balm/Tint Duo That Does All The Work For You-And Then Some More

February 28, 2011

Wow, I Put It Down To A Creamy Cappuccino Drink & Sticky Toffee Test & Last But Not Least-Man Test! Find Out How This Beauty Trick-In-A-Stick Scored By Scrolling Over!

For Those Of You Who Are Not Lib Balm/Tint Fans: Fear Not!! This Lip Balm/Tint Duo Has None Of Those Oily Or Sticky Bases, plus It Has Shea Butter That Really Moisturises & Perks Up Your Lips While Wearing It! So Before You All Run To Bag Them Up (pink+coral suits almost all skintypes), Here’s My Personal Verdict Best One My StyleQueen Beauty Mantra:

1. Good Lip Products Always Withstands Time. Here Is Where The Pixi ‘Succulent Lips’ Worked A Treat. Even After Three Hours, Although The Lipbalm’s Gloss Had Vanished, The Pink Lip Tint Was Still There! And Keep In Mind, I Had Already Had a Coffee Meeting With My Best Friend Richelle Where We Ordered  A Sweetly & Sticky Toffee Dessert Cake And A Frothy Cappuccino From The Menu(these lips get hungry too)!!
2.Think Of Lip Products Like You Would With Shoes Ladies: Why Have 1, When You Can Have 2? Not Only Does The Pixi Lip Duo Have One Usage For Lips, The Detachable Lip Tint Top Can Also Work As A Cheek Blusher, That Just Glided On My Cheeks So Smoothly. And No, You Don’t Have To Fear Like Looking Like A Clown..he he
3.Most Guys Are Pretty Good At Detecting When A Girls Make-Up Is Heavy…So It Was To My Delight When My Guy Friend Described Me As Having A ‘Soft Look’, When He First Saw The Pixi Lip/Tint Duo Balm On My Lips. Need I Say More?!!

To Find The Other Lovely Colours  Go To  For US Or (where you can  contact them to order it if you  can’t find it on the site).Just to add,The Pixi Lip Twin Tint, I Wore, Was Also Featured In This Month’s Cosmo, April Uk Edition.(next to Kate Bosworths Face Below)!

StyleQueen101’s Next ‘Beauty Loves’ Will Be On FaceWashes-The Hits & Misses!!


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