The Pre+Post Grammy Parties+She Was Born This Way!! Who Gives You ‘Egg’stra? Lady Gaga Turns The Red Carpet Grammy Walk Way From Something Out Of ‘The Emperors New Clothes Fairy Tale’-Literally!!

February 14, 2011

This Years Pre-Grammy Party Was Sponsored By Gucci (The Designer Label Turns 90 This Year) And Hosted By Jay-Z (whichExplains His ‘RocNation’ Music Label Behind Rihanna. The Glitz And The Glam People Follows Here:Bey Bey And Ri Ri x                     ‘BigWilly With The Jigga ‘Diamond’ Host Man(His Nickname)!                       NeYo-Is It Just Me Or Are Mens Ankle Brogues In Style?!He Makes Them Look Very Cool Though Without Being Too Sporty.                                        I’m With The Kru! Diane Kruger Knows Her DressCode Very Well.

Post Grammy Award Shows Was No Camera Access At All, Due To Its Exclusivity..Hmm. But You Can Read All About It Underneath.Back In Hollywood, The Post Grammy Party Was Hosted By A Billionaire, More Gossip On It Includes “Malaysian billionaire Jho Low, who recently invested in posh Beverly Hills hotel L’Ermitage, threw a spectacular Grammys party there for Interscope founder Jimmy Iovine with guests including Lady Gaga, Jay-Z and BeyoncéRead more:


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