StyleQueen 101 ‘Style Tips’ Must-See TV Gold: Gok Wan’s ‘Clothes Road Show’ Was Dressed For Success!

January 26, 2011

Gok Wan, telling the ladies of Liverpool how to look good (Channel 4)There was no Trinny and Susannah-style bitchiness and certainly no Gillan McKeith-esque dieting; just the kind of advice about dressing for your body shape that your mother always tried to give you.

As Wan set about encouraging the women of Liverpool to get creative with their clothes and have more confidence in themselves, it became obvious why the man’s work has struck a chord with women. He preaches being happy with what you’ve got and dressing on a budget and he does it with a smile.

That aside, the Clothes Roadshow was another uplifting, apparently well-meaning offering from a man who knows our vanity isn’t going to go away any time soon and is capitalising on it while he can. Click On The Link To Watch The Show Again: P.S. Listen Out For The Gok-References Throughout The Show-He’s The New Revolution!

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