Ex Super Model Lorraine Pascale-Baking Made Easy Episode 3; Modern Classics

January 25, 2011

Chef, baker and patissier Lorraine Pascale shares her secrets, passion and knowledge on baking sweet and savoury recipes. Featuring old favourites and new twists on modern classics, as well as tips on helpful shortcuts, techniques and kitchen secrets for baking. An old favourite gets a make over, and Strawberry and Mascarpone Swiss Roll is more delicious than ever before. Lorraine reveals her chef’s tips for food presentation, and she’s got an easy recipe for a true modern classic, Focaccia. Even baked pasta gets the Lorraine treatment, with Glam Mac and Cheese offering the perfect combination of oven comfort and pure indulgence. Lorraine has an easy recipe for perfect meringue every time and it forms the base for an old-school Pavlova. But there’s a twist – Spiced Blackberry, Pear and Apple Pavlova is Lorraine’s modern take on that all-time favourite dessert!

To Watch, Go To Youtube&write the dessert you want to see..


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